About Us

The organization’s goal is to support patients and families who are battling pediatric cancer. Champions Do Overcome will raise money to pay for these families’ bills, living expenses, and orchestrate activities that will provide respite. Activities may include sporting events, concerts, amusement parks, dinners, spa days, outdoor activities, museums, zoos, aquariums, etc. Families fighting cancer are often stressed out with bill payments and the constant weight knowing their child is battling cancer. CDO wants to use their funds to ease the stress of financial everyday expenses, and provide activities to allow for a mental escape. Champions Do Overcome feels they will be able to alleviate some of the emotional anguish of the situation, increase morale, and allow for a family to be with their loved one throughout the battle.

The Founder

Cody O’Connor is the Founder and President of Champions Do Overcome. He is the oldest of 7 siblings and has split parents. He was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma at age 14. During Cody’s battle with cancer, each of his parents were forced to file bankruptcy, despite working full time, in order to continue to provide for themselves and Cody’s siblings. Due to their financial stress and other obligations, his parents weren’t able to visit him in the hospital every day as they would have liked. Cody was very blessed in his battle to have his retired grandfather with him every day, rushing him around to appointments when his parents couldn’t, and ultimately he was able to beat cancer with these life-saving treatments. Cody is forever thankful for everything his family and physicians did to help him get through it, but this experience showed him that we can do better by families facing cancer. This is where the dream and idea of CDO came from – with a mission to provide financial and emotional support to families so that they can be with their loved one in the hospital and continue fighting, without the added stress of bills piling up at home.

Cody is now 6 years post treatment and celebrated 5 years cancer free in 2016! His enthusiasm and ambition led him to earn his Ohio Real Estate License at the young age of 20, and he has worked as a residential real estate agent with Coldwell Banker West ever since. He looks forward to growing this organization and helping as many families as he can!

Mission Statement

Champions Do Overcome will plan numerous activities with the intent to provide awareness, relief, support, and bring smiles to children and their families in the community who are battling cancer. CDO is committed to doing everything in the organizations power, with the strongest passion, to bear much needed relief and assist the lives of these families. The organizations core values of integrity, optimism, kindness, and sincerity will be demonstrated by all of its member and supporters. It is our goal to become a gateway to a new, stress free, and love filled cancer battle. Where no child is left without family in the hospital, and to where families have extra support in everyday life, freeing them up to provide the much needed comfort to their loved one fighting the illness.